Large capacity machine shops_RYOKI TOOL COMPANY

President and CEO Yasuhiro Hara

Ryoki Tool & Die Corporation has dealt with designing and manufacturing heavy press dies since its foundation in 1967 and we have been expanding our business as the automobile industry has developed.
The business environment surrounding us is going to be in a time of upheaval and we are extending our business into various fields, such as:
1. automobile components division
2. aircraft components division
3. machining division (super heavy items)

Under this situation we have tried to develop a corporate structure which meets the demands of the times with our policy of "5S", which are:
1. safety
2. sincerity
3. service
4. speed
5. smile
Our policy is to be sincere towards our job and to respond to our customer's needs speedily with good service and face any challenge with a smile.
We will work harder and continue to do our best to develop our business within this policy.


We will appreciate your further support and look forward to maintaining good relationship with you in the future.