Aerospace Tooling_Invar Tool_RYOKI TOOL COMPANY_from Japan

Ryoki produces aerospace tools and jigs that are second to none in the world with over 20 years of tool design and manufacture expertise. Invar tooling for composites is a specialty of the company, but a host of other types are made as well, including blocks & dies, assembly jigs, trimming fixtures and others.
Attention to detail is paramount to reliable, quality products, and in this area Ryoki's employees are unsurpassed. This is evident by Ryoki's participation in programs to major commercial airplane and defense.
Ryoki supplies quality tools for composites component production such as Fuselage, Skins, Vertical tail, Horizontal stabilizer and Elevator, Stringers, Spars, Doors, Fairings and others to the customers.
From start to finish, including tooling design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance, Ryoki has and continues to exceed the competition in terms of quality for aerospace tools.

Typical tooling achievements * except defense programs