Laser Tracker Q&A

Can you tell me more?

Yes. Ryoki is a producer of high-quality products in addition to having outstanding measurement capacities. Therefore, its employees understand the entire process of manufacture, enabling a more complete and thorough application of the systems used. The portability of the Faro Laser Tracker system makes globally-mobile the entire package: precision, knowledge, technology, and professionalism.

How does laser measurement work?

Laser measurement is a non-destructive method of impressive accuracy and precision. It works by assessing the wavelength and angle of a reflected laser, and then calculating dimensions.

Where can your staff go?

Anywhere. The mobility of both our staff and equipment allows for quick placement.

Why would a customer have you visit their product or facility?

Sometimes measuring large items is made more convenient by moving the measuring equipment and people instead of the item.

What is Ryoki's experience in this field?

Ryoki has measured items in the aerospace, automotive, nuclear power, and semiconductor industries as well as items in laboratory settings. Over 100 projects have been measured in the past three years alone.

How accurately can you measure?

At a distance of 30 meters, accuracy is guaranteed to ±0.05 millimeters. However, this varies slightly according to the measurement environment's air quality, temperature, and other variables.